Saturday, April 25, 2009

So What's your Theme?

When I was growing up Quinceanera's and Sweet Sixteens were pretty much all the same. I mean of course there was differences in choice of music and venue. But overall you were going to see the same basic setup, program, dance, food, and timeline. In addition everyone pretty much had a white dress, 7 or 14 couples, and the same style of invitations. Today Quinceanera's are much more unique. With the variety of dress colors and styles, music, decorations, and themes.

I went to my first themed Quinceanera about three years ago. A close family friend was throwing a Mardi Gras themed Event. As part of the the Quinceanera my daughter had to go to weekly practices, and the adults that came for the food and conversation helped with small tasks like making decorations and party favors. Not only was this time fun, but it opened my eyes to the benefits of a themed event. The major benefit of a themed event is it can answer many of the questions for you, for example:

- What type of Venue Should I Choose
- What type of Decorations
- What are my Colors
- What type of Dress should I get, and what type of dresses/suits for my court
- What Should my Party Favors be

Now there are a million themes out there, and many of them are over done. For example most Quinceanera's and Sweet Sixteens I attend have a princess theme. It is hard at this point to make that unique. But there are many exciting themes to choose from. If you are looking for ideas think of your favorite movies, and books, and see if there is enough visual stimulation to make a good theme. On the other hand you can choose not to have a theme and have a traditional event. These are so rare now that they are almost unique.

Whatever you choose, your event is sure to be a hit if it reflects you and your interests. In other posts I will talk about some of the creative themes I have seen, and how they were executed. I will also post some ideas on some of my favorite themes as well as how I used my daughter's theme to plan her Quinceanera, and how I am currently planning my daughter's best friends Sweet Sixteen with the use of her Theme.


  1. my quince is april 21,2012. Although I love sea shells & my invites include an elegant border of turqouise sea shells with sea horses I do not want my quince to be a beach theme. I am more into the marine life under the sea. Any ideas. I wold love for my parent to present me coming out from behind an oyster shell. Similar to Carmens Quince from the George Lopez show. My dress is all turqouise.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information dear!! I have selected sweet 16 venues nyc for my 16 birthday and want to play some music but I am confused should I go for DJ or not? Please suggest good options.