Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mardi Gras Theme

The year my daughter turned 13 was a big year for me. I knew that I had to beginning the real steps of planning her Quinceanera. Fortunately, we had some close family friends that were in the middle of getting ready for their daughter's Quinceanera. Just being part of her Quinceanera taught me so much and really helped me in my decision making when I planned my daughters.

My daughter and her best friend were asked to be part of Ariana's Quinceanera right before the first practice. We arrived to practice on first day to what looked like a BBQ/house party, there were 30+ kids walking around eating hot dogs and posole, and what seemed like 30+ adults hanging out inside and outside.

Once we came inside the house we saw the command center. There at the large square dining table sat the Mother of the Quinceanera and several family members and padrinos, It was a work station, here they had several glue guns, eye masks, feathers, beads, ribbons, and decorative gemstones. We were making party favors.

Decorations & Party Favors

The decorations for this event were all done in Purple, Green, and Gold which are the traditional colors for Mardi Gras. Purple represents justice; green, faith; and gold, power. In addition there were favors that were that were hand made specifically for her court of honor. These included the special masquerade masks they wore as they were presented for the Court Waltz. They Quinceanera had her own mask as well as an elaborate set of Mardi Gras Beads.

Other decorations and favors included the following:

  • Special Mardi Gras Face Masks for the Damas
  • Mardi Gras Face Masks for the Guests
  • Lots and Lots of Mardi Gras Beads
In addition to the Mardi Gras themed favors they had some traditional favors like mini rosaries given at the ceremony, chocolate coins (in mardi gras colors) candies, and wallet sized pictures in frames of the quinceanera for the guests. The guest were all greeted by the Quinceanera and her family as they came in. They were also given their own Mardi Gras beads to wear and to keep as a party favor. The beads were a big hit, and everywhere you looked you saw guests and court members taking pictures with their beads and masks. This created a very festive and playful atmosphere, it was great fun.


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