Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ceremony Music

When planning a big event like a Quinceanera or even a Wedding one of the major concerns is music. Not only the music that you will have at the reception or party portion but even more important and difficult to choose is the ceremony music. Many churches are very strict about the type of music they will allow you to play and may restrict secular or non-religious music. If your event is going to have a faith based ceremony you will want to select your music accordingly. Since I am a Christian I am most familiar with Christian Music and thought I would offer some suggestions. First there are many types of Christian music; I am most familiar with Contemporary Christian music. I listen to K-Love which is a station that is played all over the country. If you do not have a K-Love station in your area you can listen to it online at this is especially helpful because if you are listening and like a song and don't know what it is called or who sings it (this is frequent for me) you can see a list of the songs recently played. As a bonus you can even click on them to play a sample of the song and review the lyrics. I thought about giving you a list of my personal favorites but I thought it would be better to let you find your own. The site also has a list of top songs so that is also a good place to start. Also K-love gives away a free song that you can download from Itunes, which they update frequently. The free song is a great way to begin building a Christian music playlist for your event. For my daughter's quinceanera I made a long playlist to play after the ceremony and during dinner. One the most rewarding and positive things at her quinceanera was the positive feedback we got on the ceremony and music, even from non religious guests. Another great source of Christian music is YouTube. I did simple search for Christian songs and a lot of great songs came up. Once you click on one or two you will see other related songs on the sidebars. I am not sure where you would find suggestions for other types of Christian or faith based music. If Contemporary Christian music is not your style you can always look for other genres like Christian Rap, Christian Rock or other more specific types of music. I am less familiar with those genres but I would suggestion talking to your youth pastor because they will likely be familiar with who the popular Christian artists are for the youth. My current personal favorite is a band called Tenth Avenue North. I hope this is helpful to you. Enjoy!

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  1. Hey gb! Is it possible that you can please send the playlist you created? I'm having a quinceanera really soon & I have to start putting a playlist together I've asked others for suggestions but after seeing this.I would gladly appreciate it you could please send me the playlist & I love any Christian genre